Baby Box Form

Once you have selected your Baby Box, complete the form attached to your confirmation email (you can also download from here), complete the info and have the Sonographer do the rest. Post it asap (be sure to use the postage paid label) and we will send you the right box for your baby ready to be opened when you bring your little one home!

Your box will be carefully curated to take into account due date and seasons at time of order to ensure you get the right sized apparel for the relevant season. This Box will be curated from The Girlie Box and The Little Man Box.

Boxes come in 3 sizes and all clothing will be aged 0-3, 3-6 and 6-9 months (at least one for each age range) so your little one will have something beautiful to wear throughout the first stages of their early life.

1 = 3 items of apparel + 1 accessory. Box valued at $x

2 = 4 items of apparel + 1 accessory. Box valued at $x

3 = 5 items of apparel + 1 accessory + 1 pair or shoes for age 1. Box valued at $x

4 = 6 items of apparel + 2 accessories. Perfect for twins. Box valued at $x

Accessories change and may include hat, toy, book, muslin, bibs or other essential.

  • $400.00